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Choosing The Right Flowers for Any Occasion

Walking into an Abbotsford Forist and buying a bouquet is easy. Choosing flowers that are suitable for a specific occasion, however, is a bigger challenge.

It is then imperative for anyone to know about the right kind of flowers for a specific occasion. It might help to know what they symbolize. This would make the bouquets well-thought of and the gift even more special.

Birthday Bouquets

Flowers as gifts for birthdays are not too daunting to choose. Giving the birthday person's favourite blossoms is the wisest thing to do.

If the sender runs out of ideas, nonetheless, florists suggest that the sender choose a warm-toned bunch, or those with bursting with colors. These bouquets are ultimate pick-me-uppers and there is no reason that the gift would go wrong.

Lilies are also ideal in that they represent spirituality and purity. Jasmines share the same symbolism, as these blossoms are both inclined to exuding feminism.

Romantic Occasions

Roses are the most popular flowers bought by men when they decide to face love battles for a woman. Yet even roses have varied meanings depending on their colors. Red stands for a deep passionate love. They can represent a man's unshakable devotion.

Pink roses are given in place of red ones, but they are often given to show admiration. Yellow blossoms represent friendship, while white roses symbolize purity and beauty.

Flowers for the Sick

Daisies are usually sent to special people who are confined in a hospital in Abbotsford or elsewhere. History shows that this flower was used for medication in ancient times. Daisies were known to cure stomach aches and tummy pains and is how they got their reputation as the ideal flower for the sick.

However, daisies may also be sent out to people to brighten their days. The bright colors of the petals, along with the shape mimicking the figure of the sun makes them a viable appreciation tokens and accents to home fixtures.

Mother's Day Flowers

Making moms special and more exceptional calls for bouquets of fresh tropical flora. Flowers like roses, lily of the valley, carnations and sunflowers make a delightful gift for Mother's day. The best thing about these flowers is that they don't easily wilt, and they can last for days. In the symbolic aspect, these flowers lasting longer than any other blossoms can represent a mother's love.

Be sure to pick a good combination of colors, which can be tricky especially for carnations. Ask the recommendation of a good florist or choose among the pre-designed posies to cut down the hassle.

It's also our pleasure to help you choose your flowers and arrangements based on your input and needs. We always have a friendly florist available to help!


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